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As more and more clinics choose to open a separate Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), it is important to keep in mind the role of the EHR and the benefits of integrating the two entities. From combined databases, to a more streamlined workflow, a system that integrates the both your Medical Clinic and surgery center EHR’s can be highly beneficial for practices. This article will discuss how a carefully considered EHR system can help to improve efficiency within your practice and surgery center.

Automating Workflow

Choosing an EHR system that allows you to integrate your Medical Clinic and ASC systems helps to generate a smooth transition for patients, as data can be shared between the clinic and ASC. Having integrated EHR software removes the need for patients to fill out the same forms twice, and allows your staff to become more efficient by reducing the duplication of patient data entry. Integrated EHR software also reduce the potential for data entry errors or omissions that can often occur when data is manually input multiple times. These systems can also help your staff stay more organized by helping to keep shared records up-to-date, and sharing demographic data between your Medical Clinic and ASC. Shared EHR systems also increase patient engagement and patient satisfaction, making everybody in your practice happier.

Streamlining Processes

As patients arrive at your ASC, staff accessing data from the clinic’s EHR can view key information relating to the patient, such as their chief comparing, history of present illness, and diagnosis. This results in a smooth transition to the ASC, with technicians being able to access required documents and view exactly what needs to be done, at a glance. Streamlining processes such as these results in better efficiency for your practice, allows less room for mistakes, and facilitates correct transferring of important patient information.  

Shorter wait times and having the correct patient information at your fingertips will allow you to create a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for your patients and your medical staff.  Not having to repeatedly maintain the same information from patients allows you and your staff to focus on the most important thing, patient care.  

Ease of Customization

It is important for EHR software to fit the individual requirements of the clinic or ASC. For example, with 1st Providers Choice, EHR software can either include a single database for surgery and one for the clinical side, or a combined database, depending on what will work best for you. Customizing the EHR will help the system to be user-friendly for physicians, nurses, and all clinical staff allowing them to become more efficient through automated systems that contain the most relevant data.

Better Record-keeping

Using an EHR helps to generate more complete records by encouraging staff to fill out data on the EHR, rather than using paper records in which data can easily be forgotten or left out. Filling data on the system helps with staff accountability, ensuring that all key data is entered. More complete records allows a fuller picture of the patient to be generated and shared, helping to improve patient care.

Ability to Support Multiple Tax ID’s

The billing process can be a complicated process and can take up valuable staff time, however shared demographic and insurance data across the clinic and ASC EHR systems can help make the process easier. EHR software can make it simple for you to customize your billing process, including coding assistance and the ability to support multiple tax ID’s, helping to make life easier for your staff.

Your clinic and ASC EHRs can be integrated in order to create a system that shares important information across your practice. There are multiple benefits of this for your staff and patients, including less form filling for patients and less duplication of data for staff. Integrated EHRs can also help with efficiencies such as more complete records for patients, and quicker access to information for physicians.
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