Time-Saving Tips for a More Seamless and Efficient Podiatry Practice

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Time-Saving Tips for Podiatry Practices

Podiatry practices have a ton of expenses like other practices, including staff, rent, lab and rehab equipment, software, maintenance, and insurance. They also have to invest in marketing and human resources for growth and stability. These expenses rise as the practice continues to grow. Thus, it is important for them to refine their processes into something more seamless and efficient. They have to look for strategies to save time to better improve their care and services. With patients’ health on the line, here are some ways podiatry practices can start honing their time-management skills.

1.  Delegate Wisely

There is no denying that delegation can hasten processes for any task. However, mistakes and delays will be inevitable if you delegate to the wrong people. 

2. Go Paperless with EMR/EHR and Automations

Aside from helping the environment, going paperless at your practice can save time and space. Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records can get rid of any paperwork for patient documentation. It helps you save time by its integrated automation in updating patient records so you can access them at any time. 

3. Use Cloud Technology

Innovative technology saves time, money and makes things more convenient. Put an end to the never-ending pile of paperwork using cloud technology.  It will boost efficiency in administrative tasks. As long as you’re online, your administrative tasks like payment processing, forms, and templates can all be managed seamlessly. It will save you a considerable amount of time at the clinic for both staff and patients. Medical professionals gain flexibility in managing clinical and practice notes wherever they are using the technology. They will be able to give real-time clinical decisions with the needed data in the palm of their hands.

4. Establish SMART Goals.

SMART goals refer to goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Always take time to reassess and establish SMART goals for your practice and staff. May it be quarterly, monthly, or weekly, it’ll help you reach your time management goal. It will create a sense of purpose and motivation for you and your staff too. Write them down, revisit them whenever you can, and provide additional input on where you need to adjust your process, or determine places that need improvement. For example, your staff may want to write a list of daily tasks. Nothing will be missed out on as they can always revisit their checklist throughout the day. Of course, avoid micromanaging. Let your own staff track their progress and adjust their tasks as needed. Just check on them at the end of the week. 

5. Be Realistic About Workloads

You need empathy to manage a medical practice. Not only to your patients but to your staff as well. Set up individual meetings and ask them about their workloads. Put in mind that quality overruns quantity in this area. Don’t overwhelm them. That can cause mistakes and errors, especially in billing where it needs extra meticulousness. Unrealistic wants on increasing productivity for your staff may just mean a spike in stress, mistakes, and a decrease in quality of service.  With proper communication, you can set up realistic expectations for your staff and point your practice in the right direction. 

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