How to Improve Patient Experience Inside Your Clinic

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how to improve patient experience

Patient experience is one of the most critical aspects of healthcare. However, leaders of healthcare organizations may question whether it is worthwhile to improve patient experience due to increased demands for access to healthcare and technologies. Regardless, the question “How can we improve patient experience?” often comes up.


The healthcare industry has faced some significant challenges lately, such as rapidly increasing costs, declining patient satisfaction scores, and implementing new systems. As these concerns continue to rise, so do the areas for improvement.


Luckily, our company, 1st Providers Choice understands how to improve the patient experience inside your clinic.


How to Improve Patient Experience in a Clinic?

Healthcare providers know what patients want — convenience. With technology, medical care is more accessible to people. Therefore, improving the patient experience might be quite difficult without these applications in your clinic.


IMS OnArrival


The IMS OnArrival app automates your clinic’s reception and streamlines your patient check-in process. Furthermore, it lets patients check-in, sign forms, make payments, verify their insurance details, and add information. 


The user-friendly app simplifies your entire process with flexibility and features such as:


    New patients can input their information and make their files in your electronic health records (EHRs) systems.
    The app provides patients with Spanish-language communication and information access.
    Patients will appreciate the convenience of viewing and paying their bills online.
    Walk-in patients can register and request a visit.
    The info from your EHR integrates directly with demographics, payments, and insurance information.


Indeed, patients can find waiting times frustrating. 1st Providers Choice’s IMS OnArrival has time-saving features that can improve clinical workflow and welcome happier patients! So, give the best patient care experience by automating patient registration.


Patient Appointment Scheduling Software


Practices spend  52% of their time confirming and scheduling appointments, returning patient emails and phone calls, and consuming in-depth clinical time. The only long-term solution to save time and money is to get an appointment scheduling software. It allows healthcare professionals to better schedule appointments and arrange meetings. 


Moreover, patients can easily schedule appointments online, from routine checkups or new patient appointments to x-rays and physical therapy.


On the other hand, you can integrate self-scheduling into your patient communication platform and suggest alternative open appointments for patients to reschedule.


Boost your practice with 1st Providers Choice’s Patient Scheduling Software that streamlines your entire day from start to finish.


Contactless Patient App


As the name implies, a contactless patient app means delivering care without having to contact the patient directly. With technology-enabled workflows, patients can avoid crowded waiting rooms, high-touch areas, and long wait times. In addition to these benefits, contactless care meets patient needs for ease, transparency, and reliability.


Patients and providers both benefit from contactless technologies. One of the trusted names in healthcare, 1st Providers Choice, offers a self-service digital check-in platform for patients to register, check-in, and pay remotely.


Automating intake processes can save hundreds of staff hours, reduce errors, and streamline workflows. Thus, this helps medical assistants and other clinic staff to focus on more critical tasks.


Don’t let your clinic get left behind. Our team at 1st Providers Choice recommends our popular, in-demand technologies to improve patient care!


Here Are More Ways to Improve Patient Experience


  • Establish a Strong Communication Channel With the Patient

Assertive communication is essential in healthcare where patients’ health and safety are at stake. A patient’s concerns can be genuinely understood when providers explain treatment plans clearly, which promotes understanding and encourages patient participation.


  • Track Patient Satisfaction With a Survey Tool

A survey tool can help you track patient feedback about their healthcare experience. For care teams, surveys are an invaluable tool for monitoring progress, identifying areas for improvement, and storing data. 


  • Don’t Let Patients Fill Out Multiple Forms at Once

Patients who have to fill out physicals, and paper forms, may have to write out their names, addresses, and insurance information several times. The more paperwork they have to file or how many times they have to repeat the process makes it much more annoying.

Hence, review the patient’s experience as if you were them. When scanning or copying their insurance information, do you need them to handwrite it on multiple forms? It is better to switch to a digital system where they only need to confirm the correct information.


  • Talk to Your Patient Calmly

Patients perceive practitioners as rushing through appointments. When asking patients about their healthcare, it is crucial to use a calm voice. A small gesture improves the patient’s experience and makes them feel heard.


  • Show Concern for Your Patients

Make a list of any questions or concerns the patient has. Create a form on your website asking why they scheduled their appointment and what are their problems. If they want to provide additional information, let them know to use the link once they’ve made their appointment. Even if patients don’t fill it out, it still shows that you care about them.


Why Is Patient Experience Important in Healthcare?

There are several reasons why patients’ experiences matter in healthcare:


    Studies show that patients with a good experience with their healthcare professionals have a better chance of following their treatment plan and achieving better health outcomes.


    If patients are satisfied with their treatment, they are more likely to recommend it to others and use it again in the future.


    Patient experience is becoming increasingly important to healthcare businesses as a competitive advantage. Furthermore, patients increasingly decide between providers based on customer service and patient experience.


Our goal is to ensure you that the technologies and ways to improve the patient experience we have shown here have proven helpful for healthcare organizations. If these are useful for them, how much more for your clinic?


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