How IMS Caller Can Help Your Practice

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There can be no overstatement of the importance of time in healthcare practices, and the best way to use this time is to serve patients. 


It is well known that patients rely significantly on their telephones to communicate with you; however, when the staff handles a lot of tasks, such as phones ringing constantly, voicemails piling up, and calls going unanswered — it can lead to staff burnout. These things also result in lost productivity due to a lack of efficiency and poor workflow with phone call management.


What can we do to improve this system? IMS Caller incorporates call integration technology into IMS (Intelligent Medical Software). This is an efficient feature in your Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management software to benefit your patients and staff.

How Can IMS Caller Help Your Practice?


Hiring more staff or decreasing your patient load is rarely a good idea. Instead, IMS Caller simplifies the call integration management of phone lines for practices with phone integration technology. Your practice will benefit from integrating IMS Caller as a phone call management software in the following ways:

  • IMS Caller Can Assist You With Tracking, Reporting, and Call Integration


IMS Caller lets your office track and report on calls to support enhanced phone call management. It includes your call log, including incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, and call details to provide an overview of your practice’s efficiency.


Turnaround Time (or TAT) refers to how long it takes between the time a call or voicemail registers in IMS and the last time the logs are updated. In the TAT column, if you’ve set a goal for returning voicemails within an hour, you can tell which staff members are doing well and which ones need more assistance. 


With call integration, IMS Caller allows you to keep track of what type of calls you receive most often. Suppose, for example; you notice your office receives many authorization calls in the morning. Monitoring these metrics allows you to allocate staff and resources appropriately. 

  • Point, Click, Call! IMS Caller Keeps a Record of All Incoming and Outgoing Telephone Calls 


Whenever you make a call, the call log screen displays patient information associated with the number. It even allows you to access other entry screens in IMS with just one click. 


When a patient requests a prescription refill, consider what might happen. Using the log screen, you can see a patient’s current medication list and add or approve refills without switching between screens. During the call, you can quickly fulfill what the patient requested. If the employee answering is not authorized to approve refills, they can assign a reminder to someone who is authorized with it. 


Documentation of a patient’s call is vital for assessing the situation and determining the right course of treatment.

  • IMS Caller Simplifies Voicemail Management 


Unreturned voicemails are no longer a concern when you use the voicemail management feature in IMS Caller. Your employees can review voicemails in IMS, play them, tag actionable items, or assign them to others. Retrieving your voicemails is as easy as clicking a button.

In larger practices, departments can also organize voicemails so that tasks remain organized and not entirely burdensome for one person. Likewise, voicemails are more accessible from mobile devices than ever before.


Improve Your Office Operation With IMS Caller’s Point and Click EHR. 


You have probably noticed that taking phone calls is becoming increasingly complicated. Therefore, you need to find a reliable software solution that can help you improve your patient management process. 


Integrating an efficient call management system with your EHR can help you achieve that goal. With 1st Providers Choice IMS Caller, patients who call your office can expect a quick and effective response increasing patient satisfaction. IMS Caller’s Point and Click EHR allows for productive call integration and management lessening your staff’s burden of handling large call volumes in a timely manner. 


How Does Call Integration and IMS Work Together?


IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solution, which includes electronic prescriptions, practice reporting, phone call integration, and a patient portal. It can be adapted to various types and sizes of healthcare practices.


Cloud and on-premise deployments are both possible with IMS solutions. It includes medical forms and templates unique to each specialty to assist doctors with charting.


Using a point and click EHR, can easily collect medical history, demographics, lab test results, medication history, allergies, etc. Among the program’s more advanced features are speech-to-text recognition, call integration with IMS Caller, and touch-pen gesture recognition.


Physicians can also engage patients in their care and empower their practices for the future by offering secure chat and a patient app. In addition, they can provide full telehealth and telemedicine options. Practices can manage billing processes, phone call management, and patient information through IMS Practice Management software. This system can also be used on a wide variety of mobile devices.


IMS can be a comprehensive medical and phone management system for Internal Medicine, OB/GYNs, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Rheumatology, and more.

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