Grab a Glimpse of the Latest Sleep Medicine EMR Software at the 33rd APSS Annual Meeting

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sleep meeting 2019

SLEEP 2019 is the 33rd annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS). It is a mutual venture of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Sleep Research Society (SRS).

This years SLEEP 2019 is taking place in San Antonio, Texas. The conference will be held from June 8 to June 12, 2019. This event consistently attracts sleep professionals and researchers from around the globe, so it’s one you shouldn’t miss!

The meeting contributes in providing authentic education about opportunities to upgrade scientific methods and clinical practices of sleep medicine. This is one of the most significant platforms for people with interest and expertise in sleep medicine since most of the prominent leaders of the field will be joining the event.

Event Details

sleep 2019 san antonioWhen: June 8 – 12, 2019

Where: Henry B. González Convention Center, 900 E. Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205


  • Amita Sehgal (PhD) – Keynote Speaker
  • Terri Weaver (PhD, RN) – Thomas Roth Lecture of Excellence
  • Louis Ptacek (MD) – SRS Distinguished Scientist
  • Ruth Benca (MD, PhD) – Invited Lecturer
  • Drew Dawson (PhD) – Invited Lecturer
  • Martica Hall (PhD) – Invited Lecturer
  • Susan Harbison (PhD) – Invited Lecturer
  • Chris Lettieri (MD) – Invited Lecturer
  • Stanley Liu (MD, DDS) – Invited Lecturer
  • Beth Malow (MD) – Invited Lecturer

More Details:

The Nature of Event

The nature of the event is highly educational considering the huge number of invited lecturers who will shed light on various topics related to sleep science. There will also be abstract sleep-related presentations, well-executed integrated sessions, clinical workshops, symposia and group discussions.

The list of the topic includes sleep disorders, and sleep deprivation, to neuroscience, genetics, and dreaming. This scientific program also includes presentations over the sleep and circadian studies, analysis reports and researches. It will also contribute significantly towards the interpretation of basic science into clinical application.

The Scope of the Event

There will be all kinds of networking, career and social opportunities. In addition to this, the event will cover preliminary programs for attendees to indulge in. Also, one can expand their schedules to attend intellectual and educational meetups to develop significant networking resources. The agendas and factors discussed in the event will nurture the future of the field by granting career development opportunities at all levels.

Sleep Medicine EMR Software

At SLEEP 2019, 1st Providers Choice – one of the leading brands of EMR Solutions for sleep medicine – will feature the latest sleep medicine EMR Software. This significant exhibition will permit attendees to discover the significance of sleep medicine software and sleep medicine EMR solutions. The demonstration of this exhibition will highlight the scope and advantages of multiple features like EMR, billing, alert, reminders, patient dashboards and other features of sleep center management software.

This software cannot only upgrade management systems of sleep medicine but they also play a vital role in improving clinical practices. The latest sleep medicine specific EMRs are highly user-friendly which makes them convenient and time-saving.

The EMR software operates in complete synchronization with equipment providers and other sleep management devices. There are many built-in options that facilitate the management with easy record access such as sleep medicine patient portal, note addition in patient records and voice recognition. For patient diagnosis and sleep routine analysis, there are customized templates that save a lot of paper-based procedures as well.

As every feature has enormous importance and scope in sleep medicine’s clinical practices, 1st Providers has expertly designed the software to cater to every requirement of sleep professionals.

At SLEEP 2019, 1st Providers Choice is offering a presentation to demonstrate the functions and benefits of EMR software for sleep professionals. Call 480-782-1116 to schedule your demonstration or visit the website for registration and more details.