Four Reasons Your Health Organization Needs Urgent Care EMR Software

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According to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, there are over 9,000 urgent care centers in the U.S. and over 20,000 urgent care physicians, and these numbers are growing quickly. Increased efficiency is exceedingly important as more and more patients turn to urgent care for their medical needs. Even so, many organizations have been slow to adopt urgent care EMR software, despite the fact that it offers the speed and precision that could allow them to maintain control of their practice in a rapidly expanding field.

Here are four valuable ways that EMR software can benefit urgent care centers:

1. Software Designed for Your Specialty

Urgent care centers see patients with all types of medical conditions, from minor to acute illnesses. Not all EMR systems are designed to meet urgent care requirements, so it is important to examine your center’s specific needs. It is helpful to choose software that has templates specific to your center’s specialty and that can be customized to match your workflow. Urgent care physicians should also consider EMR systems that allow care plans to be generated automatically for individual patients based on specific information in their health record – for example, a selected diagnosis or condition.

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2. Easily Share Information with Affiliated Hospitals

The right urgent care EMR software will be able to meet the unique needs of both independent and hospital-owned urgent care centers. Because it is important to be able to coordinate care between affiliated hospitals and patients’ primary care physicians, you will want to choose an EMR that makes it easy to share patient health records electronically. This will not only streamline communication, but it will help build relationships with other providers and improve patient care.

3. Improve Productivity

Though learning how to use EMR software might slow you down temporarily, these effects will be mitigated in the long-run if you receive comprehensive training from your EMR vendor. Over time, you will find that using an urgent care EMR system will save you time and resources such as those commonly wasted on costly transcription services.

4. Keep Patients Satisfied

Your walk-in patients expect fast and efficient care with short wait times in comparison to Emergency Departments that often keep them waiting several hours. With the right EMR system, urgent care centers can continue to meet high expectations despite the monumental increase in demand. Not only will you able to streamline workflow, you will also be able to use built-in medical voice dictation software to document patient visits more quickly.

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