Fee Changes for Practice Fusion and Switching from one EMR System to Another

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With the implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) within medical practices, data conversion has been a key priority for physicians, transitioning all paper records to the EMR system. With free EMRs being offered by companies such as Practice Fusion, physicians assumed they were being offered a free-for-life EMR with data conversion options. However users of the service have recently found out, that in a massive shift, the recent purchase of the company, by Allscripts, will mean the services are no longer free. With customers being understandably upset with the change and worried about the reliability of companies such as Practice Fusion and AllScripts, this article discusses the impact of the change and what options are available for medical practitioners.

What happened to Practice Fusion and why is it now charging for its services?

Founded in 2005, Practice Fusion’s company structure is based on generating the bulk of its revenues through showing relevant pharmaceutical advertisements to physicians, rather than charging for its software. With the 2009 legislation incentivizing the medical community to move from paper to digital records, the company maintained that it would remain free, and the software became popular among small and solo physician practices.

In January 2016, the New York Times reported that Practice Fusion was being valued at up to $1.5 billion. However it was later revealed that the board had started seeking a potential buyer in November 2015, and financial statements showed that the company was starting to decline. Practice Fusion eventually sold to AllScripts for $100 million in January 2018.
With founder and ex-CEO Ryan Howard, preaching about the virtues of a free product and promising that it would never cost money for users, customers are feeling misled and concerned about what will happen to their data.

What does this mean for data conversion customers?

Customers of Practice Fusion who have used the company for their data conversion can continue to use the services however they will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee per physician per month. Now charging for something that was once free has left customers looking for other options and providers.

Can the company be trusted with your data?

Practice Fusion has faced challenges in the past as the company was allegedly publicly disclosing physician reviews of its product without informing consumers of plans to post the information. It faced charges that it had misled customers about the privacy of doctor reviews and paid a settlement to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in June 2016. Furthermore, in a report from Reaction Data earlier this year, AllScripts received one of the worst overall satisfaction ratings at 28 percent. These factors combined with the changes to the charging structure have made customers reconsider trusting the company with their data.

How can 1st Providers Choice help?

1st Providers Choice EMR can handle multiple types of data conversions to make the transfer easy and efficient. Our data conversion team is highly experienced with transporting critical data from databases of all types, sizes and complexities, including from providers such as Practice Fusion. Our multi-specialty EMRs ensure that all your data is safe and secure in an easy-to-manage system.
As there is not one standardized system for the way that EHR data is stored, different providers have developed a myriad of techniques and systems for data conversion and storage. With 1st Providers Choice, our experts regularly work on data conversion from even the most complex charts and set-ups.
We also have extensive experience in data conversion from billing and EMR systems. Consistently we convert patient demographics, insurance carriers, referring providers, EMR data, patient visit notes, and patient appointments. Through attention-to-detail, our experts can help to create a reliable system and seamless data conversion for you and your staff.
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