Catch 1st Providers Choice’s Latest Innovations in Pain Medicine in the 39th AAPM Annual Meeting at Ft, Lauderdale, FL.

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aapm 2023

We’ve got the latest technological innovations in pain medicine for you! 


On March 23-26, the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) will hold its 39th Annual Conference Meeting 2023 at Harbor Beach Resort, Ft Lauderdale, FL. If you want to keep up on new developments, this annual pain conference 2023 features great workshops and research publications — thus, making it the ideal place for pain management providers!


Our team at 1st Providers Choice will also be at the AAPM 2023 to display our latest innovations in pain medicine services. We have the solutions to all of your administrative and clinical problems in our Pain management-specific EMR and EHR Software, such as the following:


✔  EMR Software With DICOM Features and PACS Software Integration

✔  Pain Management EHR Patient Portal

✔  Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances 

✔  Drug Dispensing Module


The #1 choice of healthcare providers- 1st Providers Choice IMS Pain Medicine EHR Software


Approximately 30% of Americans suffer from chronic noncancer pain and opioid overdoses, which cost $600 billion annually. The US is experiencing a public health crisis that requires attention.


The best way to address this issue is through our latest pain medicine EHR software – and right here, we’ll show you how to leverage it.


The Industry’s Leading Specialty-Specific EMR Software With DICOM Features and PACS Software Integration


Expedites Your Workflow. Doubles your productivity.


Our new integration of EMR software and Dicom Picture Management Feature and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Software is revolutionary. It’s now easier for your EMR systems to provide medical image viewing capabilities, regardless of DICOM modality or specialty. The direct link between an EMR system and a PACS is vital to allowing physicians access to a complete patient record. 


We have also included features requested by various imaging departments of healthcare providers to provide a comprehensive range of imaging modalities. With DICOM, the production of medical images is more accurate, efficient, and scalable.


This technology is an exciting advancement in pain medicine!

These Key Features make this EMR a better choice for treating pain:


✔Save time and money with the ability to place Orders directly within our EHR Software

✔Integrates DICOM and PACS directly within our software

✔Automatically receive finalized reports and outcomes directly right back into your software.

✔View Images and Clinical Documentation Simultaneously

✔X-Rays can also be viewed with a link directly within our software

✔Interface with EKG and Spirometry

✔No limitations on users, workstations, modalities, or facilities

✔Both cloud-based and on-premises options are available



PACS systems can manipulate images and attach them to a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), allowing anyone directly involved with the patient’s care to view them. The system can improve your accuracy when diagnosing and treating a patient. Here are some uses and benefits you can get:


  • Image display

Whenever you need images, you can retrieve them via the workstation.


  • Image routing

You can access and share an image if you are the attending physician or another party responsible for the patient.


  • Image acquisition

This tool creates a permanent image of the patient regardless of the type of imaging or procedure performed.


  • Image archiving

This tool involves archiving patient files in electronic medical records for later reference.


  • Image compression and backup

You can easily optimize the size and space of images on the server.


Pain Management EHR Patient Portal


Nearly 90% of U.S. healthcare systems and providers make their patients’ EHRs accessible online via the meaningful use program, which provides financial incentives worth over $30 billion.


Through our pain management EHR portal, you can streamline communication and data entry – patients can easily register and manage appointments. Check out these fantastic features of our pain management EHR’s patient portal: 


  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration
  • View and book appointments
  • Prescription refill request
  • Visit summaries & medication history
  • Online bill payment
  • Patient education resources
  • Secure patient messaging system

Take Advantage of the Best Tools in Our Pain Management EHR


Providing the highest quality care to patients requires the most effective tools available in your pain management EHR. Simplify workflows and secure patient data access!

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) 


Technology has influenced many aspects of healthcare over the years including prescribing and tracking medications. E-prescribing is a highly accepted and utilized practice for pain management healthcare. Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is the new standard norm in healthcare because it is secure, cost-effective, and compliant with regulations. That is why 1st Providers Choice EHR includes built in EPCS software for convenience and efficiency. Additionally, EPCS can help reduce the risk of medication misuse and abuse through real-time prescription monitoring.


The Benefits Speak for Themselves!

✔Streamlining prescription management

✔Reducing data entry errors and legibility problems

✔Increasing overall patient safety by securely sending medication orders to almost 85% of pharmacies in the US.

Drug Dispensing Module


ePrescription Software’s Drug Dispensary Module simplifies medication management! It seamlessly syncs with the IMS’s EMR and Prescription Modules to make data sharing a breeze, reducing the potential for data entry errors.


Furthermore, Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA) is an essential feature of ePrescription Software’s Drug Dispensary Module that ensures your patients get the most cost-effective medications based on their needs. It allows quick and easy submission of prior authorization requests electronically. This process reduces the need for manual paperwork and helps ensure accuracy by verifying the information submitted. 


Want to know the best part? The drug dispensary module also works with billing, automatically transferring all charges. Its barcode verification tool and practice inventory tracking helps ensure that medical practices always have the proper medications. Now that’s convenient!




Valuable Features of the Drug Dispensing Module:


  • Eligibility Checker
  • Formulary
  • Medical History


Join Us in Fort Lauderdale for the Pain Medicine Conference!


Take part in learning patient-centered treatment plans that can help improve patient outcomes by integrating evidence-based pain management strategies.


  • You can enhance your pain medicine skills by participating in multiple networking and mentorship opportunities.
  • You can discover innovative solutions from skilled professionals in pain medicine that will improve patient care.
  • You’ll be able to attend several “mega sessions” covering acute pain, pain management in complex surgical patients, and wellness and self-management techniques for providers.
  • You can get a hands-on experience through AAPM’sboot camp sessions” with advanced techniques such as acupuncture, virtual reality, therapeutic movement, and meditation.
  • You will earn 22.75 AMA credits.


The AAPM 2023 aims to approach pain medicine as an interdisciplinary, research-driven discipline. Thus, their goal is to create a diverse network of experts to drive the evolution of pain management forward. Join us for cutting-edge pain care!


Register TODAY! You can also contact us at 480-782 -1116.


Overview of the American Academy of Pain Medicine 


The American Academy of Pain Medicine provides invaluable resources for you and your patients who need chronic care management. As a nonprofit organization, they advocate for balanced pain management policies and provide pain management education. Moreover, their website serves as the nation’s most important source of information on pain management and offers credentials for pain clinicians. So, stay in the loop about the most recent pain management techniques and education.