AASM & SRS SLEEP 2022 Annual Meeting

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Are you prepared for the 36th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS)? If yes, we are thrilled to have you “Back to SLEEP” in Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 4 – 8, for SLEEP 2022!


AASM & SRS SLEEP 2022 Annual Meeting: What’s the event all about?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Sleep Research Society (SRS) are partnering for this sleep conference in 2022. Furthermore, 5,000 physicians, sleep scientists, and other health care professionals attend the SLEEP meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS).


So, what’s the best part? The SLEEP meeting provides the following:

  • Discussions about the latest advances in sleep science.
  • New developments in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.
  • Evidence-based science education.
  • The practice of clinical sleep medicine
  • Facilitates the dissemination of avant-garde sleep and circadian research.
  • Applies basic science to clinical practice.
  • Develops career opportunities at all levels for the future of the field.

Attending this meeting will reconnect you with colleagues and reignite your interest in clinical sleep medicine, sleep, circadian research, and sleep health. For more details, please visit sleepmeeting.org.


1st Providers Choice at AASM & SRS SLEEP 2022

At SLEEP 2022, our team at 1st Providers Choice will introduce its leading EMR Software and demonstrate the must-have tools for your Sleep Medicine EMR.

Besides enhancing management systems of sleep medicine, our EMR also plays a critical role in improving clinical outcomes. The latest sleep medicine-specific EMRs are a vital advantage of their ease of use and time-saving benefits.

In addition, our EMR software works in complete sync with equipment providers and other sleep management systems. Several built-in options assist with managing patient records, such as a sleep medicine patient portal, adding notes to patient records, and voice recognition

Each feature in the software has immense importance and scope within the clinical practices of sleep medicine. Our team at 1st Providers has worked hard to make sure that the software caters to every need of the sleep community.


Looking for must-have tools for your Sleep Medicine EMR? Get it TODAY at 1st Providers Choice!

Billing Integration Tool

Software integration is one of the most significant features of EMRs. Interfaces enable on-demand and real-time data transfer from one system to another. 

Billing integration provides convenience to your patients by simplifying the billing process. It boosts staff efficiency and decreases coding errors.

With the integration of your billing system into your Sleep Medicine EMR, reimbursements are processed more quickly. This tool is in high demand for sleep medicine EMR because it reduces the amount of data entry for each billing cycle, which saves time. Making it a rational and effective option when it comes to choosing a sleep medicine billing software. 

If your EMR is integrated with a billing and payment system, you will reap numerous benefits for your sleep medicine practice.


Sleep Medicine Patient Portal

Physicians who specialize in sleep medicine are encouraged to use patient portals. Regulatory programs require it, as well. You can have a secure online conversation with our Sleep Medicine patient portal using our EMR. Moreover, access to medical information undeniably benefits patients. 


But what makes this tool so helpful for sleep medicine providers? As you can see, our patient portals offer a host of advantages to medical providers: 

  • Better patient communication
  • Easier documentation
  • Electronic access with no restrictions
  • Better patient and provider relationships 
  • Streamline Patient Registration and Administrative Processes
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Meet Meaningful Use Criteria
  • Optimized workflow

All of these benefits are possible with our advanced sleep medicine patient portal. Have you now concluded that a patient portal is valuable?



EMR Template Customization

As EMR templates constantly change, it’s more important for practices to provide customization options. An EMR for Sleep Medicine with customizable templates will let you take notes using preconfigured templates. The system is easy to use, and you can input information quickly. 

Therefore, templates will simplify your chart with just a few taps and create records for your patients easy to access. Be sure to get your templates set up. Storing information you use frequently can speed up your workflow.

Most medical emergencies are common in practices and emergency rooms, but some types are a bit more serious. During an emergency, healthcare establishments need to respond quickly.

A drug recall, for instance, requires practices to contact patients prescribed the recalled medication, provide patients a replacement, and address any problems that may have arisen as a result of taking it. By customizing an EMR template, practices can access the tools needed to run a mass-scale operation.

Globally, sleep professionals have become accustomed to customizing their EMR templates. Our custom templates can make your day easier.


We Offer You the Highest Quality

No need to change your practice to fit ours. 1st Providers Choice can provide you with software you can customize to suit your practice.

1st Providers Choice will be offering a presentation at this year’s sleep medicine conference to showcase the benefits and tools of EMR software for sleep practitioners.

We hope you’ll join us at this sleep medicine conference in 2022! Call 480-782-1116 to schedule your demonstration or visit the website for registration and more details.