1st Providers to Feature Podiatry EMR Software at 2019 Western Foot and Ankle Conference

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Western Foot Ankle Disneyland Podiatry

This years Western Foot and Ankle Conference is being hosted at the  Disneyland® Hotel & Convention Center on June 20 – 23, 2019 in Anaheim, CA.

California Podiatric Medical Association is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education as a provider of continuing education in podiatric medicine.

Western Foot and Ankle Mission Statement

Ensure the commitment of developing educational opportunities to benefit all those in the medical profession who extend their care into the foot, ankle and lower leg structures arena. It is one of the ultimate goals of the CPMA to provide educational opportunities via conferences and workshops to help expand the knowledge base and technical skills of all involved medical students, residents, educators, providers and ancillary staff.


June 19
CPMA House of Delegates

June 20 – 23
Doctors of Podiatric Medicine General Sessions and Workshops

June 20 – 22

June 21 – 22
Assistants’ General Sessions and Workshops

June 22
PICA Presentation

1st Providers will feature our Specialty EMR Software for Podiatrists. As a result of implementint our software, Podiatrists have experienced major improvements with healthcare delivery and practice profitability. 

Stop by our booth to find out how IMS for Podiatry is perfect for your practice. Once you see our FREE presentation, you’ll find that our specialty EMR includes features all podiatrists need, including:

  • Forms generator that extracts patient data from files, so you can drastially cut down your  data entry
  • Podiatry care plan generator (with diagnosis-specific patient education handouts)
  • Podiatry-specific e-prescribing & medication tracking, so prescriptions are hassle free with less paperwork
  • Multiple data entry options, including voice dictation

Additionally, practitioners will learn how our Podiatry Patient Portal can help develop a better relationship with patients through allowing them access to their health records at their discretion.

Another area we will cover at the conference include podiatry practitioner risk, which helps podiatrists understand and identify some of the reasons why patients may sue.  This technique can help mitigate damage to your practice before it’s too late.

Last but not least, 1st Providers Choice will help professionals learn how billing software can avoid risk in relation to the practice finances. By ensuring the podiatry practices use reliable, up-to-date billing and accounting software, you can gain peace of mind knowing that correct bills are being generated on time, making sure your that your practice doesn’t run in to cash-flow problems.

We hope to see you at our booth in Anaheim so we can show you how our software can transform your practice!