1st Providers Choice at the AAPM 2022 38th Annual Meeting

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AAPM 2022

Are you ready to attend the 38th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM)? From the 1st Providers Choice family, we proudly announce our attendance at this one-of-a-kind pain conference. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Today and Tomorrow in Pain Medicine: Innovations and Practical Applications.”


From March 17-20, 2022, pain medicine professionals will converge at the Kierland Westin in Scottsdale, Arizona. Join us in our Innovation Challenge at AAPM 2022 to find new and innovative ways to advance our mission! We welcome clinicians from all specialties and the general medical community who treat patients with pain. Moreover, this program was designed by a multidisciplinary, multimodal committee comprised of experts at the forefront of Pain Medicine. 


This is intended for both primary and secondary audiences:

1. The primary target audiences are innovators, healthcare entrepreneurs, startups, and researchers.

2. The secondary audience includes nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, and other multidisciplinary pain management team members.

In general, they are specialists or teams who specialize in a variety of areas to provide solutions to people suffering from pain.


While we may not know it, some may wonder why physicians attend this AAPM 38th annual meeting. Here are four reasons to consider:

1. Attending this conference is an excellent chance for healthcare providers to connect with other industry leaders and pain experts.

2. Vendors from certain companies will present products and services specific to pain medicine.

3. Physicians will have the opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education credits and participate in various educational sessions.

4. It’s an excellent opportunity for providers to learn how EMRs lower operating costs and improve care.

There’s more to it than that. 1st Providers Choice leading Pain Management EMR software will be on display, of course! 

We proudly showcase our highly-advanced Pain Management EMR Software.

As a leading provider of EMRs, our Pain Management EMR enhances your healthcare delivery and practice profitability. Let us take the wheel and show you how specialized EMR software for pain management will help propel your practice.

In collaboration with pain medicine experts, we developed and designed this software. With specialized templates, patient education materials, and care plans, our EMR caters to the needs of pain management professionals. The system also allows for the secure and safe e-prescription of controlled substances.

Here are some of the features included in our EMR:

  • Easy documentation with built-in templates for pain management;
  • The kiosk features for patients to check-in to their appointment on their own;
  • A system of e-prescribing that includes a dose, allergy, drug interaction check;
  • Education specific to sleep, medicine patients;
  • Tracking of preauthorizations and referrals;
  • Ordering and tracking of lab tests;
  • Image and document organization.

Also, we made our EMR Software even better! We have integrated our EMR software with Dicom Picture Management Feature and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).


Introducing our Specialty-Specific EMR Software With Dicom Features and PACS Software Integration

Did you know that PACS and EMR have always been separated? Organizations can consolidate multiple PACS into a single system with the new integration, reducing operating costs. In addition, the PACS system facilitates the management of digital images created during various medical procedures. It provides a way to manage digital images created by various methods.

So, Pain Management EMR systems provide easy access to medical images no matter what DICOM modalities or specialties are used. 

Obtaining a complete patient record requires a direct link between an EMR system and a PACS. We offer several features requested by the imaging departments of healthcare providers to cover all imaging modalities.

Getting it is worth the shot; it can:

  • Save time and money with the ability to place Orders directly within our EHR Software
  • Integrates DICOM and PACS directly within our software
  • Automatically receive finalized reports and outcomes directly right back into your software.
  • View Images and Clinical Documentation Simultaneously
  • X-Rays can also be viewed with a link directly within our software
  • Interface with EKG and Spirometry
  • No limitations on users, workstations, modalities, or facilities
  • Both cloud-based and on-premises options are available



The PACS system allows medical images to be manipulated and updated in the patient’s EMR for viewing anyone directly involved in their care. Doctors can use the system to diagnose and treat a patient’s symptoms more precisely.


 Among its many benefits and uses are:

Image Acquisition

A permanent image is created for every patient, whatever the imaging technique or procedure.

Image Display

Using the workstation, you can retrieve the images at any time. Having a hard copy of the image on hand at all times is no longer necessary.

Image Routing

Physicians and other parties responsible for the patient’s care can access and share the image. There is no need to duplicate the image again.

Image Compression and Backup

On the server, images are optimized for size and space. Backups can be made in case of loss or corruption of the original files.

Image Archiving

Archival files are attached to the patient’s electronic medical record and are kept for future reference.


These two notable features are also included in our Pain Management EMR:


Simplify Your Daily Tasks With Our Doctor Task List

Stay on top with your tasks with our Doctor Task List feature! In addition, it helps doctors and staff from finishing their tasks on time. Such lists support daily workflow and collaborative care coordination across care transitions by capturing and tracking patient care plan items. For example, notifications regarding test results unsigned patient notes from visits, and more.

Among its advantages are:

  • Enhance intra-office communication
  • Receive notifications for all activities
  • Streamline office processes
  • Assess the patient’s recovery progress
  • Keep track of all tasks efficiently
  • Maximize productivity

Provide the Best Care Plan

Did you know that care plans are an essential part of delivering high-quality care? Unless you want to guarantee consistent patient care, this tool is a good choice. In other words, care plans enable the care team to tailor the level and types of support to meet the individual’s needs.

Thus, create a pain management care plan for your patients. With IMS EMR, patient education handouts are generated based on a specific diagnosis and condition.

Although each care plan is different, all of them serve the same purposes, including:

  • Engaging patients in the health care process
  • Assuring that you receive the same level of care regardless of who is on duty
  • Keeping a record of your care
  • Improving the quality of care
  • Identifying and managing your care needs

There you have it! Want to know more about the conference? Visit the AAPM website or call us at 480-782-1116.