OB-GYN Patient Portal

OB-GYN Patient Portal

Connect with your patients online through a secure, EMR-integrated OB/GYN patient portal.

With a new focus towards patient-centered care and the EHR Incentive Program encouraging patient interaction, the need for online OB/GYN patient portal software is growing. Patients are now looking to the Internet for healthcare information, making the case for having a specialty specific online portal strong.

The IMS’ online healthcare OB/GYN patient portal is a fully integrated solution that helps to facilitate the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. The online portal allows patients to access personal health records from anywhere, at any time, through their phone, tablet, laptop and other Internet-connected devices. Through the OB/GYN portal, patients can update personal information and complete health forms before visiting their doctor. This not only helps reduce patient wait times, but it also helps staff to make better use of their time, rather than spending hours on simple administrative tasks.

Online OB/GYN Patient Portal Features:

  • Secure, password-protected access
  • Online patient registration
  • Ability to view and request appointments
  • Prescription refill request
  • Visit summaries and medication history
  • Online bill pay
  • OB/GYN patient education resources
  • Secure patient messaging system

Healthcare OB/GYN Patient Portal Benefits:

  • Full integration with EMR/PM systems
  • Reduces clerical and administrative work
  • Increases OB/GYN patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Eliminates data entry errors
  • Improves productivity and office management
  • Increases collections
  • Streamlines patient-physician communication
  • Improves safety and compliance

Patient Intake Forms: Avoid long wait times and queues while patients fill out intake and registration forms at the front desk, and staff enter data in the EMR. With our online healthcare OB/GYN portal, patients can fill in paperwork before coming to the doctor’s office. This not only lightens staff workload but can help to reduce data entry errors.

Appointment Requests: Patients appreciate online self-service options which easily allow them to make appointments, rather than requiring them to make a phone call. Through our online OB/GYN portal, patients can request appointments quickly and at their own convenience. This saves time for the patient and for employees receiving appointment request calls.

Medication Refill Requests: Instead of patients having to call in for prescription refills and employees calling the refill into the patient’s pharmacy, requests for medication refills can be submitted through your practice’s online OB/GYN portal. Submitting refill requests this way is more convenient for patients and allows doctors and staff to use their time more productively.

Referral Requests: In order for insurance companies to cover specialist services, it is often necessary for patients to obtain a referral from their primary care physician. Our online healthcare OB/GYN portal contains a referral request feature that allows patients to bypass unnecessary doctor’s office visits and phone calls by requesting referral authorizations online. If the physician thinks a visit is necessary, the patient can also be contacted for an appointment. Otherwise, the doctor may authorize the referral through the OB/GYN patient portal or EMR and send it to the patient electronically.

Online Bill Pay: Get paid faster and reduce staff workload through our online bill pay feature. Patients can view statements, make payments, and even contact you through the secure messaging system should they have any questions about their OB/GYN bill.