The leading Plastic Surgery EMR and Billing Software by a trusted name in healthcare innovations — 1st Providers Choice.

The Plastic Surgery EMR and Billing Software was specifically crafted to cater to your Plastic Surgery specialty’s needs in document management, letter templates, marketing, photo management, appointment scheduling, online patient health portal, and billing.

Our ten years of experience working with plastic surgeons and their practices have given us the tools and expertise to implement successful EMR software installations for our plastic surgery specialty clients. The EMR has been designed with plastic surgeons and staff input to reduce expenses, streamline your business, and better manage your patient and business records. It is tailored for the specialty throughout the application, from documentation templates and content to practice management.

Fully-Integrated Plastic Surgery EMR and Billing Software Modules:


Surgical Quoting System Module

The surgical quoting module allows you to create quotes for your patients’ elective surgeries easily. You can create multiple quotes from pre-defined templates, specific to each provider and surgery site. We integrate it tightly with other modules to allow users to create, schedule, and bill procedures from a single document. Here are some of the great features of the surgery quoting module:

  • Create fully customizable quotes from pre-defined templates
  • Allows you to print or email professional quote documents and pre-surgery consents
  • Schedule surgery and pre-op directly from a quote
  • Link deposits and payments to a quote and monitor balance from the quote screen
  • Quoted dollars feed directly to Referral Activity, Conversion, and Productivity reports
  • When the surgery is complete, charges are created directly from the quote for accurate one-click posting
Endovascular Patient Dashboard

Integrated Marketing Tools Module

Increase your patient engagement and satisfaction while actively marketing your practice to new patients and medical referral sources with our Sales & Marketing module. You can use it to gather referral information from the first contact, track specific patient groups for repeat services, and more with the following features:

  • Generate marketing reports for your marketing campaigns (e.g., conversion, engagement, sales).
  • Create customized emails for patients according to the referral or procedure of interest
  • Follow-up Tasks for staff for patient reminders
  • Customizable List of referral sources
Endovascular Patient Dashboard

Photo Management Module

The Photo Management module allows you to store unlimited digital photographs of your patients for documentation. Patient images become an integral part of their records before and after surgery. It can be accessed directly from the main patient window too. Some of the features of the module include:

  • Attach unlimited photos for each patient
  • Expand and print individual images, or combine and print up to 4 at a time for comparison
  • Search and tag photos for View, Series, Date, Provider, and Procedure
  • Select a photo for patient visit notes header
  • Insert a patient photo into a visit note body
Photo Management Module


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