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How integrated EHR software can boost efficiency in your Medical Clinic and Ambulatory Surgery Center | 1st Providers Choice

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As more and more clinics choose to open a separate Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), it is important to keep in mind the role of the EHR and the benefits of integrating the two entities. From combined databases, to a more streamlined workflow, a system that integrates the both your Medical Clinic and surgery center EHR’s can be highly beneficial for practices. This article will discuss how a carefully considered EHR system can help to improve efficiency within your practice and surgery center. read more

EHR Software That Connects You With Your Patients

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IMS Electronic Health Record software is one of the most trusted, well-designed specialty healthcare products in the market today. Not only is it a secure, full-featured electronic medical records system, but it is also fully integrated with a multitude of useful medical management office modules that improve the workflow of your practice. See how our Electronic Health Record software can help your practice improve care quality for patients, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenue.

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